About Me

A learning addict who wants to learn Python with the purpose of contributing to Artificial Intelligence reasearch. I set out to model an academic AI Doctoral Program building a complete Mastery of Python through self study.

The Mission

I believe that Python can be mastered through self study in order to go beyond Full Stack Python Web Development and contribute to Artificial Intelligence research.

The Plan

Building on the Treehouse Techdegree I plan to achieve mastery and go on to model a Master and Doctoral self study level degree.

The Vision

I wanted to address one area of self study - and that is being part of a team. By publishing my own experience I hope to help others in their pursuit of a similar goal.


I've tried to cover my own self study journey into the following parts:

Master Degree

Establishing a curriculum of self study that can be reviewed and forked by others. This is open source on Github

Providing Status Updates

Keeping track of my own status helps me gauge my progress through the curriculum but also should establish a baseline for others.

Weekly Podcast

Beyond blogging about my status and progress and projects - having a weekly podcast provides the director's commentary on the week further gluing together a collective experience.

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